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Calculate resistance with resistor colour code calculator

Graphical Resistor Calculator Graphical Resistor Calculator is a Free Software to easily calculate the resistance of registers from the band colors.
Simply change the values from the dropdown menus.
Band 1Band 2Band 3Band 4Value 1 (MSV)Value 2WeightToleranceBlack (0)Brown (1)Red (2)Orange (3)Yellow (4)Green (5)Blue (6)Violet (7)Gray (8)White (9)Black (0)Brown (1)Red (2)Orange (3)Yellow (4)Green (5)Blue (6)Violet (7)Gray (8)White (9)Black (1)Brown (10)Red (100)Orange (1k)Yellow (10k)Green (100k)Blue (1M)Violet (10M)Gray (100M)White (1G)Gold (± 5%)Silver (± 10%) Resistance:  1,000 Ω ±5%

Graphical Resistor Calculator Reference Chart Standard Table For Calculating 4 Band Resistors' Resistance.
ColorDigit valueMultiplierMultiplied OutToleranceBlack01001Brown110110Red2102100Orange31031,000Yellow410410000Green5105100,000Blue61061,000,000Violet710710,000,000Gray8108100,000,000White91091,000,000,000Gold±5%Silver±10%
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All about Star Delta winding connection

What is star and delta connection?
There are mainly 2 types of 3 phase winding connection, namely the star or Wye (Y) connection and the delta or D connection.
The Star or Y connection:
If we connect the each end of winding to a common point and The rest of the three points of three windings are connected to the supply , to form a Y shaped 3 phase winding then it is said to be star connected winding. 

The star winding has some special characteristics, these are:
In case of star winding each phase winding carries 1/√3 times the phase to phase / line voltage.Each of the winding carries current that is equal to the load currentIt has a common neutral point , and so that it can supply 3 phase as well as single phase loadGenerally it is the distribution part
* Here the term 'phase current/voltage' means the current/voltage that is flowing through each of the winding and the term load current/ voltage stands for the current/voltage that is applied across the load or supply terminal The D…