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All about Star Delta winding connection

What is star and delta connection?
There are mainly 2 types of 3 phase winding connection, namely the star or Wye (Y) connection and the delta or D connection.
The Star or Y connection:
If we connect the each end of winding to a common point and The rest of the three points of three windings are connected to the supply , to form a Y shaped 3 phase winding then it is said to be star connected winding. 

The star winding has some special characteristics, these are:
In case of star winding each phase winding carries 1/√3 times the phase to phase / line voltage.Each of the winding carries current that is equal to the load currentIt has a common neutral point , and so that it can supply 3 phase as well as single phase loadGenerally it is the distribution part
* Here the term 'phase current/voltage' means the current/voltage that is flowing through each of the winding and the term load current/ voltage stands for the current/voltage that is applied across the load or supply terminal The D…

Ohms law calculator | Calculate Voltage power Resistance and Current

What is ohms law calculator (online): It is basically a calculator based on the principle of ohm's law. You can calculate the third parameter of any dc circuit , if the other two parameter a circuit is known to you.

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The three main parameters are Voltage (V) , Current(I) and Resistance (R). And the relation between them is V=I*R.

Here in this calculator you can additionally calculate the 4'th most important  parameter of any circuit, that is power (P).
DC Ω - Ohm's Law Calculator Voltage (V)Volts (V)Resistance (R)Ohms (Ω)Current (I)Amps (A)Power (P)Watts (W)ResetHelpCalc © Copyright Czigler Ferenc All Rights Reserved. How to use Enter any two variables in the fields.Click Calc button. How to calc Ohm's law: Wikipedia pageElectric power: Wikipedia page
Statement of ohms law : "The ratio of potential difference (V) between any two points on a conductor to the current (I) flowing between them is constan…

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